Travel Management

Travel Management

Omega provides comprehensive account management, including dedicated Account Managers and Operations Managers who oversee all aspects of your travel program from day-to-day operations to account management on a broader scale: benchmarking, monitoring customer satisfaction, quality control, negotiations, report analysis and updating clients on the latest travel technologies and services.

Quarterly Reviews
The account management team keeps clients updated on the progress of all issues and goals and share information/industry best practices on a continual basis through such informal means as frequent visits, calls and e-mails. More formal reviews of the clients' financial and performance metrics are conducted by the clients' Account Manager and Operations Manager, typically on a quarterly basis.

Vendor Negotiations
The account management team assists clients in setting up new preferred supplier programs for airlines, hotels, car rentals and other vendors. The team offers recommendations for maximizing discount opportunities and implementing service enhancements to promote efficiency and achieve cost savings overall.

Omega assists clients in customizing surveys for their specific travelers. Omega's survey department calls frequent travelers on a random basis and asks in-depth questions regarding Omega services and products. Omega also utilizes its web-based automated survey tool, Zoomerang, to help customers measure our performance.

Updated 1/8/18